Open Your Heart

The Narcissist wants to keep you small and isolated.
They want to keep you in constant conflict with your children and embroiled in their drama.

Their lies and virulent smear campaign has rampaged through your community and done its worst.

They want you to scutter through the street with your head down.
They want you to feel that you must apologise for being alive.

You are now the stalker of your own children.
Anytime you reach out to your children from a place of love they don't see that now.
You are harassing them and your attention is unwanted.

If this is where you are right now you need to shift your thinking.
You need to face your fears.
You need to walk tall and proud.
You didn't create this.
You need to re - build your social circle and strengthen your connections.
You need to build yourself up and once again be strong and present in your community.
You need to be present at the Rugby club and at your child's school events.

You need to drip love to your children however you can.
Overtime, so your children see this and say to themselves well Mum or Dad is well liked and respected and other children like them.
It's only then that lightbulbs will fire and they they will do that painful switch around through the fog of cognitive dissonance!

Mum or Dad is liked and loved maybe I have this all wrong? They will come to you when they feel your heart is open.
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