Support to Victims of Parental Alienation

About us

Who we are

We are Fathers. We are Mothers. We are Stepfathers. We are Stepmothers. We are Sons. We are Daughters. We are Grandmothers. We are Grandfathers. We are world citizens.

Our Sons and our Daughters are too precious to leave them to their mercy. They are our future. We are fighting on their behalf for their physical and psychological sanity.

Who is JUNO?

Juno is the Goddess of marriage and childbirth. The name Juno was also once thought to be connected to Love:

What is the JUNO Movement

For decades the targeted, nurturing parent has lost his or her children to the abusive narcissistic/borderline parent in family court. This happens because the abuser appears calm while the targeted parent and children are relentlessly traumatized. Targeted parents are further re-victimized and marginalized by the staggering lack of support from law enforcement, mental health, Child Protective Services and legal professionals, please also see for more information.

We would like to use this switch to this terms in our groups when talking about the narcissistic/borderline parent and the targeted parent:

The Narcissistic/Borderline parent = the PATHOGENIC Parent – the pathogenic parent is the parent that is inducing psychopathology in the child.

The Targeted parent = the AUTHENTIC parent – the authentic parent is the parent that is fighting to protect the healthy development of his or her children.

Why do we need the Juno-Movement?

The targeted parents in the US have already become warriors and they are doing many things to fight for the children, check them out here:

The Juno warriors will join the US warriors on the battle field, we want to all fight united against the ignorance.

This page contains information and videos about the Parental Alienation Battle Plan, the groups are for warriors and for the discussion of the strategic plan to end “parental alienation”.