PASG 2018 Stockholm

PASG 2018 Stockholm

Program PASG2018 Program 2017-11-05

  1. It is scheduled for August 24-25, 2018
  2. Page 5-6 is the preliminary program.  Day one and two ends at 18:00.
  3. Dinners are planned each day at 19:00 (Open to all)
  4. Page 7 mentions a two-day overnight cruise on the Baltic with a visit to Helsinki departing on Aug 26 and arriving back Aug 28.
  5. Page 8-10 lists the various accommodation options.

Sunday August 26 — Tuesday morning, August 28 Social activities and informal meetings for the participants who wish

Cruise on the Baltic, two days overnight, Silja Line

Departure: Sunday August 26 at 16.45

One day in Helsinki, 10-17

Arrival back in Stockholm: Tuesday August 28, 9.30

Scientific Council for PASG2018

William Bernet, M.D. (Professor emeritus psychiatry, Vanderbilt University, Tenesse, US)

Lars Dencik, Ph.D. (Professor emeritus, sociology, Roskilde University, Denmark)

J.P. Roos, Ph.D. (Professor emeritus, sociology, Helsinki University, Finland)

Eivind Meland, M.D. (Professor, medical health care, Bergen, Norway)

Frode Thuen, Ph.D. (Professor, psychology, Bergen University, Norway)

Per-Ole Träskman, J.D. (Professor emeritus, law, Lund University, Sweden)

Lena Hellblom Sjögren, Ph.D. (Investigative psychologist, Sweden)